What is A Good RTP for Slots and 3 Best RTP Slots in 2021


What is a good RTP for slots? Hm, you may wonder it’s question as you are a fan of slot machine games. Well, in this article you will find more about its term. Then, keep reading and focus!. 

One of the most important statistics to consider when looking for the right slot is the return to player value (RTP). In general, the higher a slot’s RTP is, the more money it will pay out over time. But, as with all statistics, it’s not that simple. 

There are numerous factors to consider, and a higher value does not always imply superiority – depending on the type of game you want to play. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll have learned everything there is to know about one of the most important numbers in iGaming, as well as how to use the best RTP knowledge to increase your slot enjoyment.

What is A Good RTP for Slots Actually?

Before you start looking for the highest RTP slots, it’s important to understand what RTP stands for. 

A production company runs a certain number of simulated spins – millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions – during game development to see how the math model performs. One of the outcomes they seek is the amount of money paid out over time.

Let’s say a slot machine has an RTP of 95%. This means that if you bet $100, you should win $95 – theoretically. However, because this figure is based on a large number of simulated spins, there may be batches of spins that differ substantially from the average. 

Because of the random nature of slots, you could wager $100 and win back $50, or you could win $5,000. 

In theory, if a game is played long enough, the RTP value will be more closely reflected in the payouts. Another way to think about it is that a slot with a 96 percent RTP gives the casino a 4 percent house edge. As a result, the casino is almost certain to profit $4 for every $100 wagered in the long run.

The Highest RTP in Slots Online

The good news for players who prefer to gamble online is that they can find the highest RTP slots there. Physical casinos must recoup their costs due to the higher overheads of brick and mortar establishments. 

As a result, land-based slots can have RTPs as low as 75%, compared to 95-96 percent on average online. This is a significant distinction, and it is for this reason that the best RTP slots can be found at online casinos.

The Best Slot RTP Lists

Take a look at the games on this list if you’re looking for some of the highest RTP slots available. We’ve included a quick review alongside the return figure so there are no surprises when you fire them up.

1. Book of 99 Slot

Source: youtue.com/bigwinboard

Simply stated, if you’re looking for the highest RTP slot, you can’t go wrong with Relax Gaming’s Book of 99. When it was first released, its 99 percent return value surprised everyone, implying that all but 1% of the money invested will be returned to players over time.

Book of 99 is a ‘book of’ slot that features all of the expanding special symbol action you could want on a 5-reel, 10-payline grid. The bonus game can be triggered by scatters or a wild collection feature, and the maximum payout is 5,000x the bet. Book of 99 is the slot to play if you want the highest RTP.

2. Viking Go Berzerk

Source: Yggdrasil Casino

In some reviews of Viking Go Berzerk, the game’s RTP, which is good, topped off the generous range of features present in the Vikings Go Berzerk slot. Its RTP is 96.10 percent, which is higher than other highly rated online slots like Time is Money (95.45 percent) and Super Diamond Deluxe (95.45 percent) (96.43 percent).

3. Bonanza Megaways

Source: Free Slots No download No registration

The slot that kicked off the Megaways revolution also has a respectable RTP. A math model producing a respectable value of 96 percent and an equally respectable potential of 12,000 times the stake lurks behind the 6-reel, 117,649 ways to win game grid.

The goal of Bonanza Megaways is to use scatter symbols to land the magical four-letter words ‘G’, ‘O’, ‘L’, and ‘D’ to trigger free spins. There, an infinite win multiplier kicks in, starting at x1 and increasing by +1 after each reaction. It’s a common feature now, but it was revolutionary at the time. This online slot has been available in many online casino, such as Slot online.

In the end, you already know what is a good RTP for slots and some of the best games with the highest RTP. Now, it is your turn to take part in the games.