3 Best Things You Should Know Before Playing Vikings Go Berzerk Demo


Hey, ho! Do you know, you can play the Vikings Go Berzerk demo now? Well, you can try its slot for free and no download or registration is required. However, you should read the game’s review before betting with real money.

In Vikings, travel back in time and sail the seas with a band of ruthless Vikings. Just keep an eye out for the attractive Sirens as you go Berzerk. This historical slot features excellent gameplay, high volatility, and a 96.10 percent return to player (RTP).

The Storyline in Vikings Go Berzerk Demo

Vikings Go Berzerk is set in an universe where woad-covered warriors and longship captains rove the North Sea, occasionally being attacked by sirens, vampire-fanged mermaids. 

You will begin with the main game after an opening cinematic in which statues of Vikings appear to be engaged in a pitched naval battle with these sirens, and you are sent on a quest for gold.

Vikings, like pirates and the California gold rush, are a logical fit for a historical period. They provide plenty of opportunity for amusing characters (your crew consists of four cartoon Vikings), all of whom are as eager on gaining money as you are.

The Graphic, Design, and Animations

Yggdrasil Gaming has carried the idea to its logical conclusion. Aside from the sirens, which only show during free spins, you have your four crew members as symbols, as well as gold, silver, iron, and copper coins.

All of them are well-drawn, with a variety of 3D animations for their win states and different berzerk animations (see below for details).

The music is a pleasant old-fashioned symphonic piece that compliments the situation perfectly. Overall, the design is a delight to look at, listen to, and interact with.

The Gameplay in Vikings Go Berzerk

The main game is a simple five-reel slot with twenty-five win lines. The majority of the game’s features are best described in the Wilds and Bonuses section below, but suffice it to say that the features keep the game from becoming repetitive. 

Unfortunately, they are few and far between, therefore the gameplay is mainly reliant on the design factors to avoid being repetitive.

The Wilds, Bonuses, and Free Spins

However, these features are a lot of fun. The Treasure Chest symbols are the most basic bonus. The Treasure Chest gives the player five random gifts from which he or she can choose one to keep. It only appears on the fourth reel.

The Golden Treasure Chest, the Treasure Chest’s beefed-up relative, does the same thing but from a far larger pool of randomised gifts. 7-21 free spins or 50-1000 coins for the Treasure Chest are the bonuses in the Base Game. 

In addition, the Golden Treasure Chest, on the other hand, offers five random presents ranging from 250 to 10,000 coins, as well as 7-21 free spins, Ragnarok free spins, and Rage Boost.

By increasing the rage meter for a specific Viking, you can earn seven free spins. There are four Vikings, each of whom will become furious if you defeat them.

The winning Viking is in Berzerk mode throughout the free spins, allowing them to always beat the Siren. When you defeat the siren in Berzerk mode, every Viking becomes a fixed Wild for the rest of the free spins.

If you fill the rage meter with more than one Viking at the same time, you’ll get 7 free spins for each Viking Berzerk mode, but they won’t all play out at once. 

The Ragnarok free spins are the lone exception to this rule. That’s when all four Vikings go Berzerk at the same time, giving you the highest chance of a spectacular victory.

The Free Spin symbol, on the other hand, can be used to win free spins. For three symbols, you’ll get seven free spins, for four symbols, fourteen, and for five Free Spin symbols, twenty-one.

After understanding the information above, you can try the Vikings Go Berzerk demo for the best experience in gaming. You can play it on trusted casino sites on Google, just search for them through keywords such as situs slot online Vikings Go Berzerk Demo, Vikings Go Berzerk Free Play, etc.