What is the New Video Poker Games 2021


Video poker players are a loyal soul and new video poker games are awesome. Many players love their double bonus poker, like welcome bonus or cashback bonus. This kind of game is unlike slot players who always want to try out the latest games. The video poker players take a certain amount of time before new games are accepted.

In general most of the innovation in video poker comes from companies that use long-established video poker games. They also revisit bonuses and multipliers.

Innovation in New Video Poker Games

Many poker game innovations come from International Game Technology. IGT was founded as a company specializing in video poker. Today the portfolio includes various slots, table games, marketing systems, analysis and more. 

IGT established itself relatively quickly as the US market leader. It became global in 2014 through the merger with the Italian player company GTECH. IGT is so dominant in video poker that some of its competitors can no longer be found on the market. 

IGT produces more than 95 percent of video poker games in the United States. Almost all of the new video poker products are launched by IGT.

Video poker games rarely become instant hits like the most popular new slots. Instead, they gradually become incorporated into the casinos and develop a following before becoming a standard in any good casino.

IGT likes to consider both new games and games that have only recently made their way into casinos. These may not be new to every slot developer, but to most gamers.

Additional Chances in New Video Poker Games

For example the stack’em high was introduced last fall and offers players additional chances of getting high paying hands. Absolutely with four aces or four twos if they start with two or three aces or two or three twos.

It is available in the versions Triple Play or Five Play. You will play either three or five hands. Once you see the first cards, the cards you hold will be the same in all three or five hands. Furthermore the remaining deck is then cloned and the hand is played. And the possibly different moves for all hands. 

For example, if you hold three of a kind, you have three chances inside the triple play version. It is still possible to complete the four of a kind in any number of your total hands, like from none to all.

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Powerhouse of Poker

Powerhouse is another game that offers extra hands and chances to win. This game has been available since 2017, but you will find something new to most players. Someone said that the small number of casinos were early adopters and more have slowly jumped on the bandwagon.

The Powerhouse game is the new video poker game available in Triple Play, Five Play, and Ten Play. All versions get standardization from IGT games, including jackpot, bonuses, and more.

An additional stake of five credits per hand is required to activate the powerhouse feature. So, you keep an eye out for winning hands. If you get a winning hand on the initial deal, you get additional hands, and some hands also bring multipliers.

Extra Hand Inside Poker Game

How many extra hands you get and what multipliers are available depends on the game and whether you are playing? Is it triple, five or ten play? Triple play bonus game poker you get three extra hands when you get a pair of jacks or a better pair, a four of a kind, a straight flush or a royal flush. 

You get six extra hands of two pairs and nine extra hands of three of a kind, a straight, a flush, or a full house. Furthermore, you can get multipliers that are three times your stake if you get three of a kind, a straight, a flush or a full house. Winning gambling with bandarqq will definitely get a lot of money.

Actually, not all of the additional hands receive a multiplier. The distribution of the multipliers is completely random. This will at least double the payout on a winning hand dealt and get you more than three times the normal payout. Especially on three of a kind, straight, flush or full house when the multipliers are factored in.