Why Gambling Destroy Life?


Gambling is something that is very detrimental.  Not only spend the money, it also has another negative effect, which is gambling destroy life of those who struggle with gambling.

Gambling isn’t new. The people have known gambling since ancient times. That means that you can say that gambling has existed in a country since the time of the ancestors, which means that it has mushroomed in some countries for a long time.

Even gambling in some country seems very difficult to prevent or eradicate. This is because there are still many people who really enjoy gambling. They think that gambling is able to give big wins so that it gives instant wealth

Instead of giving victory to the players, actually gambling destroy life of the perpetrators or players. This is because a gambling game has been arranged in such a way as to make the players experience losses by creating large nominal losses.

This is what makes a person’s life destroyed because of gambling game. But unfortunately, many people still don’t realize that there are many effects caused by gambling.

Here, of course, the role of the government is also very important to be able to educate its citizens to know the bad effects of gambling, so that they are aware and will want to stay away from gambling.

The law issued by the government regarding the prohibition on gambling, is still considered less efficient. It is proven that there are still too many people who are involved in gambling and cannot stop.

Various law enforcement efforts to make arrests made by the government are also still considered ineffectively, because of course it will take a long time to arrest all people who are really crazy about gambling.


Although people already know that gambling destroy life, gambling is rather difficult to eradicate, especially the type of online gambling. The reason is, online gambling that played using the internet network so it is difficult to catch the players.

What officers can do to eradicate online gambling is to hunt down site owners who always change domains. The owners of this site always display menus that tempt players, such as using the name of online poker gambling, online domino gambling, slot online, online qiu-qiu gambling and many more at

Gambling that destroy life is something real, this is evident from the many victims of gambling who have experienced destruction, especially in the economic field. You can find the news on television or the internet that is currently available.

Lots of news from the internet or television media is indeed taken from the true story of the life of a person who is addicted to gambling. It starts from those whose lives were previously successful and lost all their wealth, as well as poor people who grew richer due to gambling.

There are also many people who do have a lot of debt just to be used in gambling. In addition, there are also many gamblers who experience destruction in their family lives.

For online and offline gambling, currently there are many kinds, including offline gambling, namely soccer gambling, poker gambling, dice gambling and many other offline gambling activities or those carried out by gathering in Indonesia.

Stop gambling, because gambling destroy life and it has been proven. Look for activities that are more positive than those that ruin your life like gambling.