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Do you want to download Twice songs mp3 free? It is a good idea! TWICE are going to grace us with their appearance, and it’s almost as if the world will right itself. TWICE have gone a long way in the six years they’ve been active in the K-pop industry, as they prepare to release their third Korean full-length album, ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=3’.

While the nine-member group’s first several songs – from the viral ‘Likey’ to the pastel-hued ‘Knock Knock’ – were huge hits, they ran the risk of being stereotyped into the mold of traditional bubblegum pop. 

While it would have been the expected safer approach, TWICE have proven that they are the only band capable of deftly turning notions on their heads while remaining true to themselves.

Recommendation to Download Twice Songs Mp3 Free

We’ve seen them grow into confident women who seek inside for value and strength as their music has progressed from teeny-bopper romance to the more adult nuances of love. For the best site, you can visit MP3Juices to download all our recommendations below. 

1. I Can’t Stop Me

Don’t you mean “the song of 2020,” please? Because it most certainly was. TWICE were kind enough to slay us with their enticing twist on synthwave with ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ as K-retro-mania pop’s raged on. 

The song’s allure resided in the way TWICE toyed with danger at every turn, almost convincing us to jump to the dark side.

2. Like Ooh-Ahh

‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ was the world’s first taste of TWICE, and what a magnificent dish it was and still is. TWICE’s debut had already positioned them as the ones to watch way back when, from the opening flute melody to the memorable zombie film-inspired music video, not to forgetting the iconic Momo-led bridge/dance break.

3. Scandal

‘Scandal’ is fun, confident, and just spicy enough to make you fantasize about running barefoot across a town after a night of partying, with beats inspired by the retro era.

4. Dance The Night Away

We’d gladly “dance the night away” with TWICE if we were stranded on a lonely island with them. 

Look no farther than this lively, tropical track for the beginnings of how summer became dubbed as the ‘Season Of TWICE,’ which made us all dream for our own beach trips – before we lost them to COVID, of course.

5. What Is Love

Anyone who says they don’t immediately get up and dance to the chorus on this song is lying. ‘What Is Love?’ is frequently regarded as one of TWICE’s most memorable albums, and for good reason.

6. TT

TWICE mix the whimsy of being in a “flirtationship” with a music video brimming with the occult appeal of Halloween (a feat they successfully recreated later on in ‘What Is Love?’, but with much brighter cultural references) to create an era that has aged like excellent wine. 

TWICE are at their most unified in ‘TT,’ from the famous ‘TT’ dance step to the addictive chorus.

7. Cheer Up

‘Cheer Up’ is bright, colorful, and all around enjoyable, but it’s also kind of badass. 

It was only TWICE’s second single, but it cemented their status as one of the top K-pop girl groups, with the song topping the Gaon Digital Chart as the best-performing song of 2016. 

8. Alcohol-Free

If there was a soundtrack for steamy summer romances, ‘Alcohol-Free’ would be right at home in the moments when you meet the love of your life (or two months) on the beaches of Spain. 

Even if you’re listening to the song from the comfort of your own home, TWICE’s heady, addictive charm of ‘Alcohol-Free’ will have you grooving and dreaming for your own pool party.

Hm, what’s your favorite to download Twice songs mp3 free? For us, we almost fell off when following the member’s dance in Cheer Up. Yass… Cheer up, baby ~ Cheer up, baby.