Candy Wild Bonanza Review: Volatility and RTP (Stakelogic)


In this Candy Wild Bonanza review, you will figure out how to receive the big winnings in the game. As if there weren’t already enough candy-themed slot machines, Stakelogic had to join in. 

In addition, as is becoming the standard for new candy slots on the market, they’ve taken inspiration from Pragmatic Play’s smash hit Sweet Bonanza. 

Players with a sweet craving for colorful candy slots, on the other hand, may salivate over the rewarding gameplay, as the game provides some delectable delights in a vibrant gaming setting, making it an engaging location to play. 

Details of Candy Wild Bonanza Review

Candy Wild Bonanza review, as it’s been dubbed by its developers, is a lot like a previous Stakelogic game called Candyways Bonanza Megaways, but with a few bonuses and twists. 

The key change is that instead of Megaways, a hold and win mechanic is used, along with extra scatters and prizes. Riding the Candy Crush craze, the software developer has added a 6×6 symbol grid, a bonus buy option, and an optional Super Stake feature to the mix.

1. Design and Music

This Candy Wild Bonanza review and wonderful dreamland is further enhanced by some pleasing music that adds charm to the occasion. Set in a mouth-watering world of candy with lollipops and other sugary treats dominating the view, this delightful dreamland is further enhanced by some pleasing audio that adds charm to the event. 

Despite the fact that there are many candy-themed slots are many, this one has been created with great care and professionalism, so if you like the style, it will satisfy your sweet taste.

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2. RTP and Volatility

For the Candy Wild Bonanza review, this slot online game is a high-volatile slot with a 95.73% RTP that can be played on any device for as little as 20p per spin up to £/€40 per spin. Keep in mind that the Super Stake option doubles the stake amount. 

When you enable the Super Stake option, Multiplier symbols can appear during the base game, increasing your chances of triggering the Hold and Spin feature.

3. Paying Symbols

Candy Wild Bonanza review has a number of lucrative symbols, such as scatters, prize prizes, and multipliers of up to 100x. Candy Wild Bonanza is played on a 36-symbol grid, with winning combinations bursting off the reels and new symbols coming down to take their place. 

This mechanism stimulates the creation of new winning combinations, and the symbols will continue to cascade down each time a victory is achieved. Because this is a scatter pay slot, symbols can appear anywhere on the grid and pay out regardless of where they fall. It’s all about how many identical symbols appear rather than where they land on the grid.

The gummy bear and lollipops, which are worth 15x to 50x for a cluster of 12-30+ symbols, are the higher-paying symbols, while the standard shaped candies are the lower-paying icons, valued 0.25x to 12 times your bet for 12-30 symbols. There are no wild symbols on the reels, which is worth noting.

4. Game Features

Here are some of the special features that you can use to gain the winnings. Make sure that you place the right bet before. 

Hold & Spin

When you land three or more scatter symbols on the reels, the Hold and Spin feature is activated. The feature starts with three re-spins, and when a special symbol appears, the re-spins are reset to three.

Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier symbols exist on the grid, with many different values ranging from x2 to x100. When numerous Multiplier symbols appear on the screen, their values are multiplied together for a greater payout. Well, it is a great thing in Candy Wild Bonanza review.

Buy Feature

Using the Buy option, you may jump right into the Hold and Spin game. Option 1-4 gives you 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters for 100x, 200x, 300x, or 400x, respectively, for the price of 100x, 200x, 300x, or 400x. The final choice, which costs 250x, will reward you with a random number of scatter symbols.

Final Conclusion

Despite being one of several candy-themed slots, this game stands on its own against Pragmatic Play’s famous Sweet Bonanza slot and Stakelogic’s own Candyways Bonanza Megaways. The beautiful design gets you totally involved in the colorful experience, while the gameplay attracts your interest. The cascading reels give fast-paced action, and the turbo spin mode allows you to increase the spin speed.

To say the least, the slot is visually appealing, and when combined with some intriguing bonus features and frequent wins, it checks all the boxes for both casual and serious players. Well, this is our Candy Wild Bonanza review for you.