Biographies Elastica


Elastica are a predominately female British band who emerged to great critical acclaim in 1993. They gained the media’s attention playing twenty minute sets full of explosive two minute songs, but have grown to become one of the most highly regarded British bands, having released a brilliant debut album. They are a band who have been under the spotlight since their formation because of their numerous highly placed connections, and have even survived being declared part of the New Wave of the New Wave (did anyone else?). After releasing a second album the band have split up.

Justine Frischmann
vocals, guitar

Justin Welch

Annie Holland

Dave Bush
keyboards, machines

Paul ‘Shag’ Jones

keyboards, vocals

Donna Matthews
(ex) guitar, vocals

Sheila Chipperfield
(ex) bass

Abby Travis
(ex) bass (on tour)

Anthony Genn
(ex) keyboards (on tour)