Alice in Wildland Slot Review: RTP 96.37%


In this Alice in Wildland slot review, you will figure out how to win in the machine slot game. Microgaming’s latest game is inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and all of the eccentric characters who appear in it. 

It’s called Alice in WildLand, and it’s the kind of game that offers large rewards while maintaining the magical mood of the original story’s imagery. This type of gambling machine is usually fun to play, so let’s see how this one goes.

Summary of Alice in Wildland Slot Review

There are two sets of 5×3 reels in Alice in WildLand, each with 20 lines. It’s a game that can pay out a lot of money, with an objective of 12,000x the investment and an RTP of 96.37%. Among the game’s best features are free spins, multipliers, scatters, and stacked wilds.

1. Betting and Prizes

You can choose your wager from a range of $0.20 to $30. Both sets of reels, as well as their 40 lines, are engaged.

The payouts are good, but getting to that level is not going to be simple. 12,000x the stake is a payout that will only happen once in who knows how many spins, but when it does, it will change someone’s life forever. The slot’s RTP is 96.37%, which is decent and about what you’d expect from a reputable casino slot game.

2. Slot Features

As previously stated, the gaming area differs from ordinary slots in that it has two sets of reels instead of one, each with its own set of 20 lines. There are a total of 40 lines accessible, and some features allow the two sets of reels to interact with one another.

To begin, you’ll have the stacked wild symbol in the game, which will display the image of the Cheshire Cat. These are substitute symbols, which means you can place them beside regular symbols to create new combinations.

When you acquire a complete stacked wild visible on a reel on either set, Copycat Wilds will activate. The wild reel will then be moved to the same reel on the opposite set.

Even more intriguing is the Cheshire Multiplier, however it is quite tough to activate. On both sets and at the same time, you’ll need stacked wilds covering the same reel. If this happens, wins will be multiplied by a factor of 2 to 10 times. If this happens on more than one set of reels, the multipliers are combined together.

The free spins on this coin machine can be triggered by combining scatter symbols (Pocket Watch) from both sets. To get 10 to 50 free spins, you’ll need 3 to 6 of these. The stacked wilds are nudged to fill the entire reel in this mode, so even if they’re only partially visible, they end up entirely taking over. The free spins can be reactivated in the same way they were initially triggered.

3. Theme and Design

The graphics in Alice in WildLand are based on Lewis Carroll’s iconic work Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We’ve seen a lot of these over the years, and they’re usually always fascinating to look at because they are the source of inspiration.

The Pocket Watch acts as a scatter symbol, and the Cheshire Cat acts as a stacked wild, while normal symbols include Alice, Caterpillar, Rabbit, toadstools, cake, potions, and card suit images.

Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion of Alice in Wildland slot review, it has all the makings of a favorite, not only for fans of Lewis Carroll’s stories but also for those searching for a huge win in a Result SGP slot with medium to high volatility.

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