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You've heard a lot about Elastica 'stealing' from other bands, but usually it's about Three Girl Rhumba or No More Heroes... Well, here's an extensive list of their 'influences' - heck, we've always been told that recycling is the way to go!
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SongSubmitted by AnonymousSubmitted by others
2:1Being Sucked In Again - Wire; Torn Curtain - Television
Bitch Don't WorkMr Suit - Wire
Car SongNice N' Sleazy - The Stranglers
ConnectionThree Girl Rhumba - Wire
GeneratorPractice Makes Perfect - Wire; Serpentine Pad - Pavement
GloriaKick - Adam And The Ants
Hold Me NowStrange - Wire
How He Wrote Elastica ManRock Lobster - The B-52s
HumanLowdown - WireAndrew Hindman: (intro lyrics) Human - Human League
In The CityAndrew Hindman: Clash City Rocker - The Clash
Line UpI Am The Fly - Wire; Marquee Moon - Television
Love Like OursCactus - The Pixies; (keyboards) Model Worker - Magazine
Mad Dog(bassline) Nice N' Sleazy - The Stranglers
My SexBenjamin Wick: (lyrics) Reel Around The Fountain, Sweet and Tender Hooligan, Half A Person, Still Ill - all The Smiths; Bernard Jauregui: My Sex - Ultravox
No GoodI Bleed - The Pixies
Nothing Stays The SameKidney Bingos - Wire
S.O.F.T.Brick Is Red - The Pixies
SpasticaPractice Makes Perfect - Wire
StutterEx Lion Tamer - Wire
SuicideMoody - ESG
VaselineMercy - Wire; Sunday Girl - Blondie
Waking UpNo More Heros - The Stranglers
Your Arse My PlaceIt Doesn't Matter - Adam And The Ants