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Your Arse My Place (Frischmann/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the album version. Other versions: John Peel.

Justine: "We wrote this for a Peel Session we did. It's the first time I've used 12-bar blues. Some of my favourite songs are written around 12-bar stuff, I'd kind of resisted it for a while - but this just came out of a jam really. The sentiment is comedy."

1, 2, 3

i twist, you shout
i'm in, you're out
too sharp, too flat
it's fate, and that's that
..get with it, baby

bonjour, adieu
can't win, with you
you're hard, i'm not
you're shit, shit hot
..get with it, baby

cocaine, it's crack
blondie, was black
i'm class, you're ace
your arse, my place
..get with it, baby

i like it like that...

Produced by Marc Waterman/Elastica
Engineered by Tom Rixton/Phillip Bagnall
Mixed by Phil Vinall

Available on:
The Menace
The Menace (bonus trks. ed.)