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Smile (Matthews/Frischmann/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the album version. No other versions.

Justine: "Anyone who's ever lived with anyone else can relate to the feeling you get when you're lying in bed and waiting for him to come home, not knowing if he's had an accident or he's with someone else -- and not knowing which is worse. It's about smiling when he comes in the door when you feel like hitting him."

one two three four

peaches and cream
where have you been
did you know i've been waiting all night
whose bed were you in
whose head were you turning
don't you know i've been out of my mind
'cos i know what you fear you will find
oh why...

sweetness and light
i don't wanna fight you
but i don't wanna listen to lies
your face is a mess
you know you should drink less
i said i don't want to hear how time flies
'cos i know from the look in your eyes
you were talking to some girl
who'd seen you on her tv set
she said that she felt like she knew you
although you had only just met
oh yeah...

don't stop talking shop
i'll see you down the time swap
i've been tested and tried
lost on the tide
so cold inside
do you know i've been out of my mind
'cos i know what you fear you will find
you were talking to some girl
who said that she'd seen you before
oh my head's such a mess
'till i hear your key in the door
oh yeah...
oo yeah

Produced by Marc Waterman/Elastica
Engineered by Marc Waterman
Mixed by Paul Tipler

Available on:
Elastica (ltd. UK ed.)
Elastica (UK ed.)