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Operate (Matthews/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the EP version. No other versions.

Justine: "It's just one mike in a rehearsal room, and I think it sounds... great."

i'm really close you see
feel it breathing
in my living heart
i see you going for a life that's cruising
waste at smart
i really do
i really want it, but is it here?
i love you anyway true
no flickers
listen, they'll disappear

separate the scenes and the hints that make it
operate in a sane way all start to fall apart
sitting in day after day is not a good way
after all

and i just want to go home

dreams are made of this
but they're
over there
i know you sent me here
to peel away your fear
operate the groove
i need a reason
for being here
your crazy ways
are in my ear

...and i just want to go

Recorded on rehearsal.

Available on:
Elastica 6 Track EP