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My Sex (Frischmann/Hardy/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the album version. No other versions.

Justine: "It completely isn't directed at a certain somebody. It was written in the basement and it's quite 'Low' again. I didn't really think about it being a song for Elastica but the band really loved it so it's gone on the album. It's probably the most personal thing I've written. It's a foray into something I've never done before, like a spoken word thing. It's just thinking about all the romantic moments you've ever had with anybody over a period of time. Like the beginning of a relationship where you're thinking 'This is the one'. Those moments that stay with you and at the point, which was quite a low one for me, it was about remembering the positive."
Justine: "It's a song about lovers, about the best moments you've ever had with a boyfriend, where you just feel like everything's right. It's written from the perspective of when those things are gone, you're remembering them as what you want back."
Justine: "The only really personal song is 'My Sex' which was not even written for Elastica, originally. I recorded it with Loz Hardy [ex-Kingmaker]. It's a spoken word piece. When people first heard it , there was such a positive reaction. When we recorded it and mixed it, I was finding it really difficult to be in a room with people hearing it. It's not my style to bring my emotions in. I've learned to do it a bit more, but it's not where we're coming from."

what i want..
 ..mornings for the winter and afternoons for the summer
 ..is for you to be waiting round the other side of every door
 ..to walk thru the wardrobe of other bodies we have known
 ..fifteen minutes of you
 ..a lover who loves me when others have loved me not
 ..is a big love, two spoons in a drawer, the master plan
 ..a lover who can love me slowly
 ..to make your heartbeat faster
 ..is a room with a three bar fire like
the one you had before, when you were
poor, and i just liked you more
 ..to be in the park in the morning, the
long shadows on the grass and the swans
still asleep
 ..is to love you everywhere and everyhow
 ..to kiss you until our lips are numb
 ..kiss you 'til everywhere hurts

i want
 is to hear the rain against the window again

M. Box on bass

Produced by Bruce Lampcov/Elastica
Engineered by Tom Rixton/Phillip Bagnall
Mixed by Miti Adhikari

Available on:
The Menace
The Menace (bonus trks. ed.)
The Menace sampler