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Miami Nice (Frischmann/Hardy/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the album version. Other versions: home recording.

Justine: "This came out of a period of time when I'd pretty much given up on writing for the band and it didn't seem to me like the band was going to carry on - 1997. I was writing with my flatmate Loz (Hardy, formerly of Kingmaker) in the basement were we live. We'd been listening to a lot of Eno, 'Low' by David Bowie and trying to do stuff like that. There's a real sense of isolation. I was in two minds about whether to put it on the album because it was on the EP but we had a remix done. I thought it was quite important...there's a link to that and tracks like 'Image Change' and 'Human'. It was basically the bridge between what we started out doing when we came back from touring, with Donna, and then we got into the later stuff. It hasn't got any lyrics on it, so it's not really about anything."


Produced by Marc Waterman/Elastica
Engineered by Tom Rixton/Phillip Bagnall
Mixed by Miti Adhikari

Available on:
The Menace
The Menace (bonus trks. ed.)