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Generator (Frischmann/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the album version. Other versions: EP, John Peel.

Justine: "'Generator' was the first song I wrote with Paul and it's more back to our punky roots. It's quite kind of adrenaline-based. Paul's fitted in brilliantly. I saw Lineoleum like five years ago and I just stood there watching him all night. I just thought he was amazing. He's really really good, very inspiring to be working with."

i'm a sonic generator
it's as far as i can take it
aren't you glad that i can make it
oh oh in the money
baby put your arms around me
aren't you glad that you have found me
you want it? i've got it...
oh oh on and on it

i'm a self taught regulator

eeny meeny miney moaner
catch a poet by the toga
you want it? i've got it
oh oh on and on it
i'm a spastic generator
it's as far as i can take it
i was lying...
in all that cocoa butter

dead, dead in the water

i'm a third rate imitator
i'm a second hand fornicator
i'm a spastic generator

...see you later, alligator

M. Waterman helped with the bass line

Produced by Marc Waterman/Elastica
Engineered by Tom Rixton/Phillip Bagnall
Mixed by Marc Waterman

Available on:
The Menace
The Menace (bonus trks. ed.)
The Menace sampler