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Annie (Matthews/Oliver/Elastica)
Published by EMI Music.
This is the John Peel version. Other versions: album.

Justine: "Annie."

Justine: "Annie, Annie...
This song's called Annie."

annie, told me
get out of here, head for the sea
the sun is hot and the air is clean
the best things in the world are free
and mister murphy
likes his jackanory
holsten export times three
jimi hendrix and thin lizzy
annie, annie, annie

met a mate in the afternoon
holsten shore-line pub-crawl
looking for some cold beer
missed the stone punch drunk judy
tony, brandy, mg, andy
vodka, scotch and loads of beer
it's so great we want to stay here
annie, annie, annie

Donna: "And she takes a fag out of her mouth...
She had a fag in her mouth the whole way through.
What did you do, just hold your breath for the whole
Justine: "Shall we try it again?"

Jane Oliver helped with words.

Justine Frischmann (vox/guitar), Donna Matthews (back vox/guitar), Annie Holland (bass), Justin Welch (drums)

Recorded for BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session, 12 August 1993.

Produced by Nick Gomm
Engineered by Andy Rogers

Available on:
The Radio One Sessions
Connection (CD/World)
Line Up (CD+12"/UK)
Stutter (CD+10"/US)