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Karma, Boston, 2000-10-07
Written by Tom McGonegal.

I saw the last two minutes of the opening band. Their final bit was to walk out of the club while a music track played, wearing wireless mics, and commenting all the way that they were "walking down the street now," and "almost to the corner..."

As the set change ended and the lights went out, "Roadrunner" (Sex Pistols from Rock and Roll Swindle) was played. Elastica came on at the end. Justine looked great and wore the "If it ain't STIFF..." shirt that she wore on Conan O'Brien. Absent was Dave, and Justine said something about him being off recording something for the Pixies...?

Quick facts. Justine said sorry about not having an album in 5 years, and there'll be another one sooner than five years from now because, "otherwise, I just won't bother, you know?" She also said that they saw the Who last night. Paul smashed one guitar mid-show, and then I think another at the end. The first one was thrown, in pieces, into the audience. Justine said that Paul had been puking chowder all day "into that box over there." Mew played bongo drums on one new song because Dave wasn't there. Justine still seems to need to find a good belt. It took a few songs before Annie found a smile, but she sure seemed to enjoy Paul's guitar smashing. Justine re Da Da Da: "I didn't know it was a Volkswagen commercial..." They skipped one song in the list - must have been "Mad Dog." Justine said, "We're not doing that one. I don't feel like it." Then, to us, "Sorry." And re Bitch Don't Work: "Here's another song about me." Mew got a hold of a can of shaving cream during the last song and sprayed it on Paul as he played, then on herself. Justin stood on his seat and hit drumsticks on the light riggings during a couple songs.

I was a little disappointed in the energy level of the crowd throughout the show. They seemed to love the old songs (as I did,) but were not as enthusiastic about the newer songs. I was worried that we were not going to get them out for an encore, but we did.

The show began and ended early - it was over around 9:20 or so. There was great air circulation, so a low smoke level - that was nice. Shirts were $20. Didn't see the sweat bands, except on Mew's wrists.

Okay, thanks again for a great web site. Let's hope for some more touring action so you can keep up the good work.