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Bowery Ballroom, New York, 2000-10-04
Written by Dan.

Someone else in the message board beat me to the punch with the set list(and in correct order too). It was a stormy evening in the city, and chose to miss Peaches and Gonzales. I was downstairs chatting it up with the fans. Elastica bounces on stage around 10:00 I guess to the strains of "Roadrunner". They kick started into 12XU and took it from there. In no order here, they played: Car Song, Annie, Connection, Waking Up, Line Up, and Vaseline from the old ones. Justine in Ozzy-style tshirt that reads"Lizzy Borden" on front, and "Give 'Em the Axe" on back. Holds up a can of beer, and says "Red Gold". Justine in blue jeans, as is Mew, with silk black button down. Annie in a black tee and jeans, noticeably present with that great Fender bass. Paul Jones to her left wore blue business shirt, open. His creativity with the guitar on had to be seen to be believed, and I am truly a believer!! Mew certainly captured this reporter's heart. I can't recall if she actually played a note, being she was so energetic all over the place. Dave and Mew created a neat chemistry. Dave was sort of at the back doing his thing, coming out for the bongoes on "Moody", the old ESG song. Justin was in his own world yet very present. He crowd-surfed the first few rows at the end of gig. As for the new songs they played: 12XU, Mad Dog, My Sex, Da Da Da(crowd pleaser), How He Wrote Elastica Man(Justine doing Mark E. Smith's part..a spontaneous request) and Generator(wow did Mew ever jump during that one). Cute rap by Justine and Mew..went something like "do you like rock n roll.....take the pain away, f--- the pain away.." Psycho Killer during encore I assumed Justine didn't quite have words down...and sort of came out as "sackakillahh" but got the rest of it ok. Band was really tight, and just never let up. Actually Justine broke strings on first 2 songs, and therefore replaced 2 guitars. I bought an Elastica navy blue shirt for $20. Armbands are $10.

Backstage I got into thanks to a musician friend who has pull there. I met most of the band and talked with Paul, Justine, Mew and Annie. Justin might have snuck off early, don't know. Dave was busy with him and roadies. Dave who I have talked to on the Internet greeted me, was very busy. He says there a few dozen songs they're working on for next release. Justine is gracious and appreciative that I enjoyed the show. Mew and I had a strange moment. You may know that her first name is Sharon. Turns out she has a brother named Dan. My name happens to be Dan and I have a sis named Sharon. Bizarre...Anyway, she signed my shirt "DANIEL MY BRO XX MEW". Enough to make you wilt, right? Quite a moment. Justine I think signed "Keep the sticky side up". Paul and I discussed up and coming talent. He says the newer output for next album will be punkier. Also mentioned that Sheila still is in contact with the band, and Anthony Genn, former keyboardist, still attends shows. Absolutely best concert I have attended, ever!