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Shelter, Detroit, 2000-09-28
Written by Ron Wade.

Peaches and Gonzalez are a high energy rapping duo who rap over a programmed drum machine. The crowd didn't seem to know what to think of them at first--they don't look like a typical rap band (Imagine Kramer from "Seinfeld" and Carla from "Cheers") but by the end of the night, they'd earned new fans with their rap/dancing antics--(including me!)

The Elastica set was tight, save for one glich-- Justine broke a string at the intro of "Line Up". The new song, "Moody" was definitely a high point, as was the "Twinkle Twat" version of Vaseline.

As for the extras, T-shirts are being sold (Black or White with the Elastica logo on the front and "00" on the back--$20 US) as well as wristbands with the Elastica logo ($10 apiece).