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The Guvernment, Toronto, 2000-09-29
Written by Pete.

I got a set list from the Toronto show last night, they followed it exactly here goes

12xu/operate/annie/lineup/dadada/vaseline/genorator/moody/carsong/mad dog/stutter/human/your arse my place/connection/12xu(refrain)/ Encore: My Sex/The Bitch/Waking up

show was awesome. Peaches & Gonzolez were ok. They had their equipement up way too loud, so loud that my ears actually hurt. For those of you who dont know, they are a comedy act sort of, They just act really goofy and sing songs with words like "are the motherfuckers ready for the fatherfuckers?" and "I like to fuck" over and over. She threw her towel into the audiance and I cought it. They were hilarious, I was lauging really hard. Peaches stripped down to her underwear and her tank top. some people were booing beacause they obviously didnt get what they were about. At first I will admitt that I didnt know if they were for real or not, but after a few "songs" it was obvious. The crowd as a whole was definately unappreciative. Peaches told someone to suck her dick when someone told her to get off the stage. Then the most amazing thing happened. Justine must have seen that the crowd was getting anxious, and probably was a little pissed at the way the crowd was treating them, so she decided to come out and get the crowd pumped up. All I know is that I looked next to me to see who was shoving their way up towards the front, and I realize Im standing next to Justine and shes dancing, got her arms in the air, just really trying to get us all into it. She leaned over and told me to mosh. No one really recongnized her or so it seemed. I know the other guy next to me definately knew it was her, and some girl asked her if she was Justine and Justine just said no. They took a picture together afterwards, It was so obvious it was her. There ended up being 5 or so of us in my immediate vincinty who were actually clapping and rooting for them. I told Justine that I thought it was really cool of her to come down and do that, and she gave me a thumbs up and rushed back stage. Peaches and Gonzolez are funny, but they played for a full hour. Too long if you ask me, especially since my ears are ringing still today (24 hours later) because of their equipment.

Elasticas set was great too: highlights being Annie, Vaseline, Moody, and Generator. These ones particularly stood out. The crowd loved them and everyone was jumping around. Not too many people seemed to know the new songs though, but were still into them. Justine shook her booty a bit, oh and she told us that (not exact words) she thought we gave peaches and gonzolez too hard of a time, and that it was uncool because Chili's (Gonzolez) parents were there. My only complaint is that they only played an hour. It was an hour of bliss, but i would have liked to have seen more.