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The Guvernment, Toronto, 2000-09-29
Written by Dan Cerone.

Elastica came on stage just after 8pm last night. According to Justine, we gave Peaches and Gonzales 'a hard time tonight' by booing and repeating requests to kick them off the stage. They were just plain terrible as a show opener and apparently their parents were in the audience as well.

But, more importantly, Elastica played an extremely good show, albeit many short versions of songs. The set list seemed similar to those previous gigs minus a couple songs. 'Line Up', 'Car Song', 'Vasoline', 'Mad Dog' all came through extremely well. Mew was extremely energetic jumping around on stage for the entire hour show which ended at 9. Justine, in a Sunkist tanktop, sang awesome for the entire show. I was a bit disappointed with some of their abrupt endings to some songs. But the audience, which looked to capacity, seemed pleased by the end of the night. They came for a couple song encore, which featured a Donna Matthews written track which name skips me now. All in all a good show.