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Fillmore, San Francisco, 2000-09-20
Written by Andrew Russell.

Just got back from the concert. Elastica was fucking on!! Their energy was awesome! I don't know if it was just because it was their first US date here, but they rocked hardcore. They played a great set, mixing old with new. It was my first chance to see Mew in person and i wasn't dissapointed. Of course Justine is by far the coolest woman in the world, but that was never in doubt. The one weird part of the evening came with the encore. They first played "My Sex" which personally isn't one of my favs and not the best one to do live, then they did a cover which i didn't recognize. At that point they had planned to stop, but Justine kind of realized that it wasn't the best way to end and got everyone back on stage and played on of the old favs! It truly was a fucking awesome time!! my olnly regret is that i'm afraid they won't be back anytime in the near future, oh yeah, i also regretted having to sit through the Meat Puppets. I remember they had some hit a few years back so i was open-minded coming to see the show. I'm sorry though, they sucked!! Anyone coming to see future shows should check to see if they are playing with elastica and if they are, don't rush to get there super early. Well, that's it for now. Later.