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Donna returns
(Melody Maker)

Donna Matthews has spoken exclusively to The Maker about her new solo project. The ex-Elastica guitarist quit the band last year after a falling-out with Justine Frischmann. But after making up with Justine at Elastica's Astoria gig earlier this year, Donna joined the band onstage at the recent gig at the London Forum. Donna told The Maker: "Yeah, that was really good, I enjoyed it. I just did it for a laugh, really." After months of gossip about Donna's state of mind, we can report that she's healthy and full of enthusiasm about her new solo career. She told us: "Yeah, I'm really happy. I'm doing an album for Alan McGee's new label, Poptones. He's just told me to take my time and finish it when I'm ready. He's given me the money to do it and it's on the way, it's just when I'm ready. I've been recording it at home, I've got my own studio and I'm just finding my feet." Donna penned three songs on Elastica's "The Menace" album - "Human", "Image Change" and "Love Like Ours"*. But she told The Maker that she remains reluctant to talk about her departure from the band. "I'm not really ready to do interviews yet," she explained. "All people ever want to talk about is me leaving Elastica, so I'm hoping that will die down eventually." Donna's first solo material should appear by the end of the year.

* Donna actually wrote four songs for The Menace; 'Nothing Stays The Same' is also her work