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Donna rejoins Elastica!
(Melody Maker)

Elastica were reunited onstage with ex-guitarist Donna Matthews at the London Forum on Thursday (13 April 2000). Midway through the set, Justine Frischmann, admitting it was very "Spinal Tap", invited her up onstage. Later Donna appeared for the encore, "Connection". Justine said: "It was unrehearsed. I'd heard she was coming and I said that we should get her to do a song. I asked to see if she was up for it and then she appeared at the side of the stage. I'm glad we did it." Elastica's spokesman later ruled out a more permanent reunion but said: "It was great to ask Donna to come up, and great she felt she could, after what they've been through. Nobody would've believed it a year ago."