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Justine Frischmann: Sex symbol
(Melody Maker)

What's it like being a sex symbol?
"I think that if you haven't got three heads and a limp and four nipples and you're in a band, then you can be a sex symbol. So it's not really a huge compliment. I think I look pretty pig-ugly in most pictures, so I'm actually quite amazed that I could be called that."

Who do you think is a sex symbol?
"I think that Debbie Harry was probably the best sex symbol, but there's also quite a few men who have done a stint as the sexiest person on the planet, Paul Weller during the early Jam stuff and Terry Hall in The Specials. Even Adam Ant, before he went all 'Prince Charming'."

What are you like to go out with?
"I'm pretty easy going to go out with. I think it's a typical Virgo trait to do anything to make the other person happy and have a peaceful time of it. I'm not very good at stormy situations. I hate shouting matches. I like things to be quite peaceful."

What's the best way to chat you up?
"I'm a real sucker for romantic people, people who give me a line I haven't had before, that's dead romantic. Not flowers or chocolates, more words. I'm quite a sucker for words, really."