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Official press release: 6 Track EP
(Deceptive Records)

Following the announcement last month that Elastica will make their return with a new six piece line up headlining the second stage at the Leeds/Reading Festivals on August 27th /28th, it can now be confirmed that a six track EP will be released by Deceptive Records earlier that week.

Released on Monday August 23rd, the six tracks will be available on CD and 12 inch vinyl. All six tracks are new recordings and their selection reflects the changes in the line up of the group following Donna Matthews’ departure and the addition of new members to the group since Elastica began recording songs for a second lp three years ago.

The six tracks are :

1 How He Wrote Elastica Man
2 Nothing Stays The Same
3 Miami Nice
4 KB
5 Operate (live version)
6 Generator

To mark their return, Elastica were keen to make this as substantial a release as possible and diverse in content, hence the decision to release six tracks which, as a result, makes the EP ineligible for the singles chart.

Commented Justine Frischmann,

"The material has been chosen to allow people to hear rarities and demos which reflect all stages of the bands recording between 1996 and 1999. The EP is certainly not intended to be some big comeback record."

On the tracks themselves, Nothing Stays The Same is a home demo by Donna Matthews; Miami Nice a home recording by Frischmann/Hardy while Operate was recorded live and written by Matthews/Elastica. The other three tracks are all written and performed by Elastica. How He Wrote Elastica Man and KB feature guest vocals by Mark E Smith.

Added Justine,

"We,re really pleased to be putting something out at last. We,ve gone through alot of different stages in the writing and recording process and I think fans of the band will enjoy these tracks which reflect this well but which are mostly too raw for the album itself.

I think it,s important to let fans hear some of the new material before Reading and Leeds although the live set as a whole will, generally, be a better representation of the new album material.

We,ve been away for a long time and it,s just really exciting to be working and playing as a whole band again. It,s going to be a challenge."

Elastica are set to return this summer with appearances at the Reading Festival and the parallel event in Leeds on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th August respectively. They will be headlining the second stage at both events and the shows will feature a new six-piece Elastica line-up following the departure from the group of guitarist Donna Matthews.

It can now be confirmed that Donna has left the band to pursue her own career and consider other projects. Donna originally joined Elastica in August 1992 and leaves by mutual agreement due to a breakdown in both personal and creative relationships within the group.

Commented Justine Frischmann: "Its obviously really sad that this has happened but its also something of a relief for us all so that we can now move forward. Everyones really excited about playing Reading. Its been really frustrating these last two years not being able to participate in these events."

"Even though there has been no public activity from Elastica as a band since we last played in 1996, it hardly seems as if we've been out of the public eye in terms of speculation. None of Elastica is so arrogant as to think that the public will automatically be interested in what we do unless it's good enough.

"The media's interest has never abated and I'm fully aware that we'll be under scrutiny and that what we come back with has to be really strong, fresh and still vital in 1999. Ultimately, people will make their own minds up about that.

"What's important at the moment, though, is that however long it has taken, we all now feel very positive about what we've recorded and about playing live later in the summer."

The new line-up sees founder members Justine Frischmann (vocals/guitar) and Justin Welch (drums) rejoined by original bass player, Annie Holland. Annie was a key member of the original line-up in terms of both live and recorded work. She left in the summer of 1995. Keyboard player Dave Bush remains in the band. He originally joined in the summer of 1996 and played with the group during their last live shows at V96 in Chelmsford and Leeds. Completing the line-up are guitarist Paul Jones, currently recording a new LP with Linoleum, and an additional keyboard player and vocalist, Mew.

Justine first saw Paul Jones playing guitar with London-based band Linoleum. Some time later they met at a party and chatted about Pavement and The Fall and various other shared musical tastes. Paul headed off to continue playing with Linoleum and then, out of the blue, he got a call from Justine inviting him down to the Elastica rehearsal room to play. He was then asked to contribute to the new recordings and will be playing with Elastica at their festival shows this year. Paul first saw Elastica live at the Garage in London in '96 and then again at Chelmsford. He remains a member of Linoleum and is currently in the studio recording material with producer Dave Allan for release later this year.

Mew is the synth player and backing vocalist in the band Heave. She met Justine through mutual friends and both found they shared the same musical tastes. Mew will be appearing with Elastica live and has also played on some of the new recordings. Meanwhile, Heave have a new single released in June titled 'Charlie Brown' and will announce their own live dates soon.

Elastica have recorded more than an LPs-worth of material but nothing is yet scheduled for release pending discussions with Geffen Records in America. More than half of the recorded material features the new Elastica line-up. The remaining songs include five tracks written by Donna Matthews who plays and sings on these and certain other tracks.

Elastica formed in October 1992, releasing their first LP in March 1995. It was a Number One LP in the UK on Deceptive Records and sold over a million copies worldwide on Geffen Records. They spent two years touring throughout the UK, Europe, America, Japan and Australasia, a schedule which lasted until 1996. They played a handful of shows in the UK that summer including the V96 festivals and began preparation for recording at the end of that year.

Neither Elastica nor Donna Matthews are available for further comment.