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Line Up (1994 BBC performance) - good quality

There's a bunch of Elastica videos at YouTube worth checking out.

Mad Dog (US version)
Line Up
Waking Up
How He Wrote Elastica Man
Mad Dog
They are in RealMedia format, so you're gonna need some sort of Real player. They're quite low quality, don't say I didn't warn you. Right-click and select 'Save as...'. That's all...

These e-flyers were used by Elastica to promote their new releases online...
The Menace e-flyerThe Menace e-flyer - distributed from NME. It includes a link with which you could access a free 'Your Arse My Place' mp3, though I'm not sure it still works... (6 March 2000)
Mad Dog e-flyerMad Dog e-flyer - distributed via Elastica's former official site's mailing list. It includes 'Suicide' and 'Away Team Mix' clips... (6 June 2000)
US Mad Dog e-flyerUS Mad Dog e-flyer - this is the US version distributed via Atlantic Records website. It a link to the US vrsion of Mad Dog video. (19 October 2000)

Me U & Mew
Don't Know Where
Elastica (rarities)
Operate (studio version)
Da Da Da (alternate version)
Mad Dog (Ashley Beedle dub remix)
Da Da Da (Alpine Stars remix)
Bitch Don't Work
No Good
The Rentals (with Donna Matthews)
Must Be Wrong
Say Goodbye Forever
British Meat Scene (with Justine Frischmann)
Too Old To Die Young
Heave (with Mew)
Dinosaur Boa
D Nicer
Pepper's Ghost