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Well, here they are, Paul and Dave answered the questions a while ago, but I was waiting for the others, since it doesn't look like it's going to happen, I'm just putting what I have online. Hopefully I'll get the rest of the band's answers some day...

01. How do you write songs? Does one member make a demo and then the others bring ideas, or do you jam?
Paul: both + more

02. Are you going to visit Austria one day?
Paul: Hell, Why not

03. Do you prefer to play in clubs or rather in big halls or stadiums? And why?
Paul: I perfer nitty gritty, hot & sweaty + intimate venues. However large gigs with a great crowd is very exciting

04. Justine, I read that you like swimming. Do you prefer lakes (pond) or indoor/outdoor-pools?
Paul: Whatever, she still can't beat me when we race, even though she's been practing alot

05. Have you heard Donna's new songs for her debut solo album?
Paul: Who's Donna

06. Do you ever look at websites like this [http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/spasticsociety]?
Dave:: I do
Paul: Yes and some other we would rather not mention

07. Why don't you join up and post a message?
Dave:: I have Often
Paul: Don't know

08. As far as your own personal record collections go, if you had to eliminate every album in your collection but one, which one would you keep?
Dave:: The Liberator DJs Radio 1 on DNE
Paul: The Beatles White Album

09. How old were u when u got your first guitar, Justine?

10. How did you get started in a band/ what was your first band & was it any good?
Paul: a) to break small town boredom, b) saltlick, c) no it was crap but the guartist is good

11. I just got my first guitar for my 24th birthday! Any suggestions on the best method to learn to play it?
Paul: get to know someone who can play well and is not an overbaring egomanic

12. Why is America so hard to crack?
Paul: It's not a question whether to "crack" america but to "charm" america

13. What other bands were you watching out for at the Leeds 2000 festival?
Paul: 'At the Drive In', 'SFA', 'Primal Scream' but mainly "The Fairground Rides"

14. Do you feel out of place now that guitar bands arent as popular as they were 5 years ago when your album went to no.1, while The Menace went to no.22, beaten by people like Ronan Keating, Eminem and (ugh) Travis?
Paul: if those bands define popularity, then we will seam out of place which in not a bad thing - considering they're shite

15. Any news on a new album, single, ep etc? (no pressure or owt). and how about Donna's material?
Paul: We've already started demoing new material

16. What does KB stand for?
Dave:: Karl Burns
Paul: Klever Bastard

17. How much did Justine play guitar when she started and when did she start? And what type of stuff did she start playing?

18. What is her favourite Fall and Wire songs/albums?
Paul: Mine are 'Code Selfish" - Fall and 'Chairs Missing" - Wire

19. What inspired her to start?
Paul: Boys

20. Can she read music? I mean, when she writes stuff does she compose it on a stave or just remember it? Sorry, bit of a stupid question..
Paul: I think she can, but she might deny it. She composes with the help of a mini disc - dictaphone

21. Whats her all time favourite Woody Allen film?

22. How does Paul feel about leaving Linoleum to join Elastica?
Paul: As far as i was concered, i had mentally left linoleum in Oct '97, but had committment (which i fullfilled). I left on good terms and they're still friends - but it was a good move

23. What was Mark E Smith REALLY like to work with?
Dave:: What do you think?
Paul: He was a gentleman to me - (even when he got very drunk later)

24. For Justin: Is it easier being in the band now that you arent the only male? And was it ever difficult in the first place?
Paul: Don't try to confuse him. He's a drummer

25. For Justine: "Stutter" may be my favorite song of all time and the first Elastica album is definitly in my top 5 of all time. I love the new album & EP too... What inspired the change to a more new wave sound?

26. Has the absence of Donna greatly influenced a change in yr songwriting process?
Paul: The songs are faster

27. Will there be an Australian tour?
Paul: We would love to

28. Elastica: y'all read books? Please tell me what you are reading.
Paul: 'Already Dead' by Denis Johnson and Macs for Dummies

29. Will they collect some day all their unrealeaased stuff in a compitalion. Itīs coz they have more b-sides and rare tracks than albums songs.
Paul: Who knows?

30. Will they be touring Europe again?
Paul: Yes, we'd love to.

31. How do they think they have improved with this new album?
Paul: More varied, less straight forward

32. Will they change their style agin, or is enough by now?
Paul: have we changed out style or have we just improved

33. Is Paul going back to Linoleum? He said that heīll be in Elastica until the band find a substitute for Donna....
Paul: Can't remember saying that. But i'm not going back to Linoleum

34. When will the band be back in London?
Paul: We're back now

35. Whatever happened to all the Hondas And Peter Fondas etck ectk Whatever happened to the Hondas?
Paul: Whatever happened to all the hereos?

36. I would like to know what their favorite songs of all time are.
Dave:: Urban & Free by Dynamo City
Paul: Wichita Lineman - Glen Cambell and most of Sonic Youth's guitar solos

37. How do they feel about the fact that the charts are being dominated more and more by prearranged pop acts?
Paul: Applled!! To put it mildly

38. Why is it that many British bands dont extend their tours to the US but Elastica does?
Paul: Lack of funds and the fact that they can't see a world beyond the NME music paper

39. Whats the main difference between the tastes of British music fans and US fans that you've noticed?
Paul: British music fans taste saltier.

40. When are your birthdays?
Dave:: June
Paul: October 23rd

41. Where do you all come from?
Dave:: Manchester
Paul: The Great English county of Essex

42. What musical equipment do you use?
Dave:: Too much to list
Paul: Guitars and all their paraphanellia

43. Describe your current musical taste.
Dave:: Heavey Duty & Light Weight
Paul: Enthusiastica + focused - lofi to country/west to rock but heads + shoulders about the rest

45. What's the best record you bought in the last year?
Dave:: Contoritions
Paul: 'Mule Variations' by Tom Waits and 'Beat Classics' - Electro Compliation

46. Have you got a message for the fans? What is it?
Dave:: Thanks
Paul: Can't wait to see and meet you all

47. What do you think of the Internet? How much do you use it?
Dave:: it's big. Too often
Paul:I like it, but i wished they would get rid of the ads. Quite a bit

48. What's your favorite movie? TV show?
Paul: 'Apocalypse Now' and the 'Larry Sanders Show'

49. Have you got an obsession? What is it?
Paul:I like shoes

50. How would you describe yourself?
Paul: In English

The questions were from:

01-04: from Michael [sing_tome]
05: from Dwain Williams [austinceltic]
06-07: from Claire [ritzy_tarts]
08: from April [april_kathleen]
09-10: from q_sheep
11-12: from Ross Devonport [OhAySis]
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22-23: from Alen [generator_uk]
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37-39: from Adrienne [cosmic]