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Justin Welch

Played drums in Elastica (1992-2001)
Date of birth: 4 December 1972

From Nuneaton. Expelled from school at 15 (for swearing at a teacher). Joined Suede (where he met Justine Frischmann) for a short time in 1990 and played drums on the A-side of their debut single ('Be My God'). After leaving Suede Justin joined Spitfire, where he stayed for five tours and an album. He was the first member of Elastica to be recruited by Justine when she phoned him up just after he had left Spitfire.

Legend has it that Justin threatened to leave the band if 'Stutter' was the first single. He obviously thought better of it.

Any weird voices and sounds that you hear on some of Elastica's songs are most likely to have been contributed by Justin, eg. 'Spastica', 'Brighton Rock' and 'Line Up'.

"It's ['Line Up'] about all the shit in the music industry, the kind of stuff that makes her [Justine] sick. So she says to me, 'Go on, make some puking noises.' So I did it!"

Justin stuck by Justine Frischmann through all the ups and downs of the band. Alongside the frontwoman he's the only band member that stayed in Elastica from the band's very beginnings in 1992 to their unfortunate end in 2001. In the meantime he had some side projects, one of them being a band called Me Me Me in which he played together with Stephen Duffy and Blur's Alex James. Another one was his relationship with Donna Matthews with it's infamous stormy end. Recently (summer of 2001) he's been standing in as drummer for Janus Stark, as the band were looking for a permanent one.

Justin allegedly often takes the stage sans underpants. Perhaps it's a good job he's the drummer and not lead singer as a consequences of him having some Tom Jones style trouser rippage while bouncing around at the front of the stage are too horrible to even think about!

Justin is currently working on new material with Mew.