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Justine Frischmann farewell
Believe it or not elastica have been together for almost ten years which is probably as long as any band should be together. I know it's hard to believe but then we did spend quite a while in the middle dithering and being perfectionists. The band has broken up on extremely good terms with each other. Any personal problems from years ago have been happily put to bed - and I think we all agree that we had an amazing time.
I know it sounds cliched but I really want to thank everyone who's supported us over the years through thick and thin - and especially on the touring for 'The Menace' when despite a luke warm press reaction I felt an unbelievable surge of goodwill from our audiences.
Strangefruit will be putting out a Radio 1 session album at the end of October with twenty one tracks some of which I think are the best versions of songs we ever did and other tracks that have never seen the light of day. We're also putting out a farewell single on Wichita called 'The Bitch Don't Work' which I thought was an apt title for imminent retirement. Other than that I've been working on bits and pieces including a song with British Meat Scene called 'Too Old to Die Young' for The Mike Bassett England Manager soundtrack.
Thanks again to all our fans from me and all the band.
Big Cheers.
Justine Frischmann
(3 October 2001)

The Radio One Sessions

The Bitch Don't Work