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Annie Holland

Played bass in Elastica (1992-1995, 1998-2001)
Date of birth: 26 August 1965

From Brighton. Despite not having been in a serious music outfit for around four years, and not having played bass before, Annie borrowed a mate's guitar, turned up for the audition in July 1992 and promptly got the job as Elastica's bass player!

The quietest and most enigmatic of the group, Annie even had an Elastica song named in her honour. 'Annie' was written by Donna Matthews and her friend Jane Oliver and is about going down to Brighton to visit Annie, which is where she spent most of the time when the band weren't working.

Annie left the band after the Feile Festival on August 6th 1995. Although she'd had some well publicised arguments with Donna about the future of Elastica, the reason that she left was because she was fed up with the constant touring and was suffering quite badly from R.S.I. (Repetitive Strain Injury). At the time Elastica had been on the road for almost a year, and with even more dates being added to their schedule Annie decided enough was enough...

"The touring just got too much, I missed my friends and family in Brighton. We'd been on the road for months and I'd been looking forward to a break after T in the Park and the Feile Festival. But then we were offered the Lollapalooza tour and I couldn't face it."

Eventually she gets bored again with doing nothing and, after being courted by Justine Frischmann, rejoins the band. She is still the same old Annie - enigmatic and quiet. But then the band stops functioning again.

Annie's whereabouts and activities remain unknown.